Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ally goes to Cali!

This October break was so much fun! we shared A LOT of laughs and good times! The BEST was going to church and seeing NAPOLEON DYNAMITE! ( yes john heder) and The hip hop girl from HSM! It was so awesome! Napoleon walked in and i started busting up! It was like one of my lifetime goals has been completed! it was so dang coool! and Happy anniversary to the beesons!



Candy said...

Ally, your pink Angel t-shirt looks soooo cute on you! Looks like you are all having a blast! Even Rocky looks like he is enjoying himself! And seeing Napoleon to boat. . .Wow!

kt said...

I notice that you're carrying the dog. You must be bonding:)

Heather said...

Fun pictures! I can't believe your mom brought the dog. He's way bigger than one that can sit quietly in your handbag! You are beautiful, by the way.

AbbSTUHH said...

All those pictures are thee cutest things I have ever seen!
I love you twin.
Lets play this weekend dog!
Your awesome,
i love you.

Alyssaaa said...

these pictures are soo cute!
your adorable ally taylor!

laceys blog said...

You held the puppy i am proud off you ally!!!