Monday, August 18, 2008

School homework and running... OH MY!

So ITs been quite a while!! School is pretty fun! I have lots of very fun classes! here is my schedule...

a hour : english
1 hour : spanish
2 hour : History
3 hour : Biology
4 hour : Seminary
5 hour : honors geometery
6 hour : cross country

Its all really fun! Seminary is BY FAR the best class ever! i have a lot of fun friends and its just a GREAT class! we are studing the new testiment.

The past 2 weeks ive had to wake up at 5am to go running so its not so hot! We do 2 miles everyday and now we are starting 3 a day! its really really tiring! I just keep gettin better and better! so far its fun! But ya just a little up date from me!


Beeswax said...

Girl, I think I'd go to Seminary, then keep on walkin! Honors Geometry and Cross Country. Yikes! Good luck.

Shannon said...

Keep up the Running! I love that you are doing 3 miles a day already!!!
Seriously i am so proud of you. You have super hard classes, you little smartie!!

Gini said...

Ally.. what's up with honors geometry??? Call me if you need some help. ha ha. Love, grama