Monday, June 2, 2008

This is my last week in Ariozona for the summer! Im really sad to leave all my friends and family! ah! but excited to see the utah gang! today i had a docs appointment and she said i was doin good so im basically better! yay!

ON wednesday at 7 am i set out to girls camp! yay! im so excited! its always one of my favorite weeks of the whole entire year! and in arizona you get to stay in cabins! in utah we stay in tents... so im glad i get an actual bed and a shower! yes! im slowly tanning by the minute~! :) talk to you later got to pack!


Molly said...

Thanks for swimming with me today, Todd and I are sure going to miss you guys when you're gone! Have fun at camp and in Utah!!

Maddy Shill said...

Ally I have a joke for you.
Question: What did the slush say to the other slush?
Answer: Give me some more slush I'm running on low.
HAHAHA you love me

Shannon said...

i love that picture of you and your sis/bros!!
So fun, i love that you are coming to Utah! Woo Hoo...
Girls camp for me was the bomb growing up too, we had Cabins,Lodges, Repelling, Showers etc...
That is the way to do girls camp!