Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fun Times!

Wow! TIME is going by so fast! last night i went to a super fun stake dance with my friend Brooke Benson and Witters Capri! We are crazy! It was fun to see most of my cute ward friends! After the dance i went to Kelly's house! it was nice to have my own room/ bathroom! I just had a really fun time! thanks kelly! then we drove home and had grama and granpa and brigham come on over! they are all so fun to have! brigham paid me 5 bucks to eat this pepper right after the waitor said dont bite pepper it hot! i was like sweet free cash so i eat it and my face goes super red and my eyes start watering and i cant feel my tongue! it was seriously so hot! MY MOM has a picture on her blog my face is all red and im on the verge of crying or laughing i cant remember! Tomorrow is fathers day! yay! and im so so so excited to go see my ward pals! yay! more later!

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AmandaaaReneee said...

Ohh Ally Your soo cute!!! i miss you sooo danngggg muchhh!!!

-Mandy Horvath