Monday, April 21, 2008

Zoo sleepover i am legend and student Council!!

Hello everyone! so nothing much is new...

Friday i went to my dads softball game ( way to go! ) then off to a fun sleepover with kellene and molly and todd! it was so much fun! i always have a blast with them! that night i saw I AM LEGEND for the 1st time! it was a little freaky! todd and i were the only ones awake by the end! very good movie!

Next day went to the zoo! my very favorite part was petting and feeding the stingrays and sharks! i was so scared at first to touch them! the texture is just so weird! when you feed the stingrays their whole mouth goes over your hand! freaky! but it feels really cool! im a dork i know :)

I am also running for student council! im so excited haha! im running for either delegate or vice pres! ( I WOULd totally go for student body prez but there are like 4 people already running! ) but anyways i hope i make it! my posters were really cute!
here is what one says
sugar and spice and everything nice
vote allysun taylor for you 9th grade vice!

haha i love it! nothing else happenin!


Heather said...

You go girl! What a darling slogan. Good luck!

Molly said...

We love you miss Ally, we have so much fun when you come over! We'll have to go to the zoo again so those stupid monkeys can torment me again! I thought they were gonna kill me! Cute slogans for your posters! Did you put a picture of you on them!? Bet the boys would vote for you if you did! Haha =)

Shannon said...

YOU Totally have it babe!! You will be perfect for Student Council!!

Candace said...

Good luck Ally! That sounds like the perfect thing for you! I can totally see you being the prez! You will do great!