Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nothing much!

HEllo every one!!! my bloggin has been slackin!! NOthin much has been happening! All this week was testing so it was really boring!! Yesterday dad got home from boston and he took me and the girls out to eat at 8:30 while brigham and chase went to a neighbors house! it was really good! Right now im babysitting while mom and dad are at costco! But ya! Ill post more when i have sometin intersesting happenin! and
congrats to shashi with the girl! im soo soo soo excited!!!!!


Heather said...

You have been a slacker! But I still love you--and love to hear what you're doing. I need a good babysitter about now. Hmmm...if only the one I wanted didn't live 10 hours away!

KatieBug said...

ally, new blog.