Thursday, January 17, 2008


Hey guys!
so.... Im so excited to see most of you for Brigham's batism, and then the wedding! yea! anyone else watch american idol? um ya james lewis was the funniest one ever! I was seriously dying from laughing! it was hilarious! and if ya need a good laugh check out fake steering wheel on you tube or the cheerleading bloopers. They are hilarious!

I think im getting some of my friends to start bloggin! hope they do!(brooke, elle, mack daddy, paige, costco, hannah, shaley, and utah shelbie lynn, shanae nae!!) lets get it going! ask me for any help!

Oh! i also signed up for EFY with my friend jessica from church and school! Way excited~

Have a good friday... tomorrow! haha


Lacey said...

I love American Idol, I agree he was halarious! There was some huge concerns that tried out, the sweet things. You kind of feel sorry for them.
I can't wait to see you all at the wedding. Yeah!

Molly said...

Cute layout! Did you get it from the same place I got mine? They have a TON there! Are you going to softball tonight? Oh and me and Todd found some of the BEST youtube videos EVER! Remind me to show you!

Nate T. said...

Hey Ally,

Its a pretty sweet website! haha i started one in the summer but i forgot about it and i dont remember what it was so yeah. but you have some pretty cool pics on here.

Shannon said...

K. you have to look at "Fred gets babysat" on you tube, it's Boston's Fav.
We are so excited to come out for the Baptism!! 1 1/2 more weeks. woo hoo!!