Thursday, December 27, 2007

Make up post!

So this is my catch up post! Happy Happy Birthday to Phil, Reese, and soon Candace! You guys are all amazing! And always make me happy! Hope you have good birthday!

Christmas eVE! Was soooo much fun! On christmas eve we went to the beeson's and had lasagna and other great food! Then "santa" aka lizzie came and gave out gifts! Then we opened our cousin gifts! Then on top of all of that grandpa and grandma and molly and liz came to stay the night! It was a BLAST!

I also got to see my SODANGRAD uncle Sam!!!!! He is so funny!!!! and SODANGRAD!!

THEN all the kids woke up at 6 and opened presents from santa! I got tons of clothes, shoes, perfume, and nash jersey! It was sweet! Then pete and melissa came over and we just hung out and had a good time!Liz stayed the night again which is always fun!

Then on the 26 Liz took me to the arizona mesa temple for the first time! This temple is SOO cool. Everything is totally different from the Utah temple! But it was so much fun! THanks lizzay! Then to end the night we went to Spaghetti Factory!

Then yesterday we went to the Bath and Body Works sale and got loaded with good stuff! Later i went to my friends house and hung out!

Then today the cleaning ladies are coming and no other plans yet! Have a good Break!


Gini said...

don't be pulling that Spaghetti Factory stuff without me again 'ya hear????

Molly said...

Did you do baptisms at the temple? Todd and I got an apartment so maybe you and Kel can come over for a sleepover sometime!

Shannon said...

SO FUN! I have been in the Mesa temple and it is so cool how old it is, and the cool engravings everywhere!
Sounds like such a fun Christmas with your grandparents and lizzie and molly sleeping over!
Try not to have too much fun on your Christmas break! ;)
Love you tons!

[♥].WiTnEy.[♥] said...

How fun!! What a fun Christmas! Well love ya!

[♥].WiTnEy.[♥] said...

How fun!! What a fun Christmas! Well love ya!

Heather said...

Sounds like you got hooked up, sister! Have fun in the AZ sunshine--it's freezing here.
What's a nash jersey? Am I too old and lame?
Love you, cute girl!

[♥].WiTnEy.[♥] said...

I know i am WAY excited for EFY!!!! yay!!