Sunday, December 2, 2007

Funny Pick up lines and family night

I forgot on Friday to tell you all a funny story. There is this kid in one of my classes. He isnt the coolest kid in the world but he is HILARIOUS! We were sitting in class and he says hey do you want to hear a pickup line? I was like um... sure. So he says does your dad own a bakery cuz your buns are hot! My whole entire class heard and we were DYING!!! It was so funny!! Anyone else have any good pickup lines?

Today was family night and it was so fun! Sam is hilarious! Both of them! plus uncle sam is sodangrad and he gave me something to blog about. But i was sitting next to baby sam and he said my birthday's in 26 days! And Pete said oh when's your birthday? Febuary 18. I was dying!! He is hilarious! Then ross is like mount vesuvious is in my pop! It was all funny! Have a good week!


Shannon said...

You are so Cute!! I can tell you were laughing when you typed this, cause i didn't understand any of that last Paragraph...But i was laughing!

How about...(You) "Did it Hurt"...(Other Person) "Did what hurt?"(you)"you..When you fell from Heaven" hee hee
Say that to some HOT guy!!

Heather said...

Oh, Shannon. Puhlease. Try it though, Ally. I want to know if it works.
Btw, you need to say something like "my aunt Heather is sodanghotandfunandsweet" or something every time you mention me, okay? Or is your Uncle Sam paying you to say that? :)

Kelly said...

If you were a booger I'd pick u first.

Todd Taylor said...

No pick up line suggestions, but here are a few responses for anyone giving you a line like the "hot buns" question.

"No, my Dad does not own a bakery, but he has a shotgun and if you make another "hot-buns" comment he might load it and discharge it in your direction"


"No, my Dad does not own a bakery, but he's buff like a grave digger and will bury you 6 feet under if you make another "hot buns" comment".


"No, my Dad does not own a bakery, but he has a big jeep and will do his best to run you down on your huffy if you make another "hot buns comment".


Molly said...

Is your dad a thief? Cause he stole the stars and put them in your eyes...hahah!

Candace said...

My favorite is Shea's= "Excuse me but don't you owe me dinner?"

I also agree with your Dad- I can't believe you already need a baseball bat! I know why I just can't believe you are that old already- time is flyin by!

Kelly said...

Hey ally. Tommy is really worried about what to give you for Christmas. Watcha need or want?

kt said...

So funny and hey--I;m still loving my Bigelow lip shine you gave me--the Cinnamon and Peppermint are especially fun at Christmas!