Monday, November 26, 2007

Best thanksgiving EVER!

This past week i have been at shannon and cory's house for thanksgiving! It was SO much fun to hang out with all of you! I got to have sleepovers, shop at midnight, shop with witters, babysit and take fun pictures on shashi's computer! Shannon is so much fun to hang out with and i enjoyed spending time with YOU! It was also So much fun to see all of the family! I missed you all so much! Thanksgiving was a blast! I also got to hang with my utah buddies! Katie and shanae were so funny and fun to hang with! Then the next night i got to see the browns! I missed their family SSSOOOO much! And let me just say wait to go BYU! Im so glad they won! woo! Here are some pics of this week hop you like them!


Shannon said...

Super Cute Pictures!! I loved having you guys here! YOU are so dang cute and i love you to pieces, thanks for hanging out with us OLDer folks! hee hee
You and witney are seriously so GORGEOUS....Watch out boys!

*Witney* said...

I loved hanging out with you!! And i miss you so much!! Those pics are so funny! I'm so glad BYU won! Woo Hoo!! Love you tons!!!!! Text me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!