Thursday, October 11, 2007

October Break

This week is our OCtober break! Yesterday night i went over and hung out with my friends and took some pictures as you can tell :) Then after playing with my buds me and chase went to mutual. We went to a "skate park" Minus the skate part. My friends were all out of town from my ward so there was one beehive, one miamaid, and one laurel, plus 20 deacons. But it was still fun! Today we plan to go shop wit grama and go see a movie at the drive in! Have a good break!


Witney said...

How fun All! You guys look so cute! Text me! loves

Shannon said...

You are such a teenager!!! I love it! I am sure you will be getting text alot from Boston this weekend, he loves doing it!!!
So sorry in advance!
Love ya!

katie said...

sweet ally! i bet you had fun! shelbie said sorry for not being able to stop with you.

Boss said...

Your telling me. and why.