Friday, October 5, 2007

General Conference and Daddy Daughter!

Daddy Daughter was tonight. It was really fun! The food was pretty good and the games were fun.

Im really excited for General Conference this week! I love to hear the prophet speak and all his counselors and this year is especially exciting because we get a new member of the twelve and the presidency! I also plan to go shopping with my mom and aunts after the Saturday sessions. That should be really fun too.

Well im babysitting and watching the Haunted Mansion so i better go watch it with them so i dont get to scared :) Good luck at your soccer game Shannon and Liz-zay at your softball!!!

Ill post some daddy daughter pictures later! See ya all later!


Lizzie said...

thanks al. And just so you know, we won and I had 2 sweet hits in the outfield right on leftfield line. Nice. Thanks for getting that other survey done for me! C ya tomorrow for a little shopping with SJP

Shannon said...

Thanks Ally! Just so you know, we lost!;( That's ok, it was like we were playing against The BYU soccer team...NO JOKE! the score was 4-2!
Thanks for texting me that FREAKY picture!
Have fun today!!

Todd Taylor said...

Thanks for the Daddy / Daughter post. It was fun to go with my 3 oldest girls.