Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What's uuuuuuuuuuuppppppp?


That is what Lizzie would say. Not my aunt Lizzie but Lizzie from school. She is a sweet handicapped girl at my school. She is so cute every time i see her she's always like hey dog what up? So now i always that it is so funny! She also sings me and my friends songs at lunch every day! It is so fun to hear her! She really isn't that bad either! So i look forward to that.

I just got back from volleyball! It was so much fun! It was fun to play with new people. I did pretty good and my team won all three games! It was so much fun!

Tomorrow is throw up Thursday. Me and my friends get tired of looking good all the time so we have throw up Thursday where we just wear a t-shirt and jeans. I love that day, cause sometimes you gotta have a day where you look like crap :^)

Tomorrow my mom and pop are going to see a Celine Dion concert so we will be spending the week partying with Lizzie and Grama! I'm excited cause what happens at gramas stays at gramas :) Well gotta get ready for tomorrow good night!


Lizzie said...

I have "throw up thrusday" quite a bit. It is not worth it to get ready to go to school for one class and then come home and do homework all day.

College is nice that one cares...unless you are at BYU where it is a meat market

kt said...

Nice. Have great non-parent weekend!

Witney said...

Those are the best days! I have a girl at school thats like that. She is awsome! She wears capes like batman capes to school and tells a story about them. It's pretty funny. G2g! love ya!

Heather said...

I hope you still shower on throw up thursday!
Otherwise, you'd be a stinky.
Be a good girl this weekend!

Candy said...

Lookin like a movie star in that last photo! Those Arizona boys better look out!!! Sounds like you are adjusting to the move pretty nicely. .. Even though I haven't adjusted to having you gone yet. Don't have too much fun while Mom and Dad are away.Sounds like trouble to me!

Shannon said...

BeHAVE!! I know you guys will have so much fun!

katie said...

ally i changed my blog adress. luv ya

Shannon said...

ALLY, this weekend lets change your Cute little picture when you comment too the one in the Glasses!! or the one with you in the Brown top! That's how i LOVE to remember you most!!

Shannon said...

k.. so take what picture you like and you will have to upload it to Photobucket (your mom has an account) and then take that URL link and right click COPY, then go to your Profile and Erase the Link to your picture and then right click and copy then save, and see if that works!