Friday, September 28, 2007


What's upppp?
Sorry my bloggin has been slackin :) This week i got back my school pictures. Joy.

Yesterday my mom took me to get some pants and sruff!. I got some sweet sevens. The picture of them are above. And they're are the real deal. So ya.

So far school is good. I love all my teachers they are all so cool and fun. Oh and yesterday i was doing my classwork minding me own buisness when i look up at the wall and there is a 3-4 inch long cockroach on the wall. So i kinda scream and tell my teacher so he hits it and turns out it flies. So it starts flying all around the room and all the girls are screaming like crazy it was really funny. Tonight my padres are going out to eat with my grandparents. Should be fun! See you all later!


Witney said...

Oh ya! Pair of sevens! I would freak if i saw a cockroach in my classroom! One time i had a cockroach in my jacket pocket and i put my hand in it. It was so nasty! Bla! Well love ya! Can't wait until the cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shannon said...

So cute! I love those on you!
Way to go to interupt the Class! Do you sit by Edward??!! tee hee

Hey what Cruise??????????

Ally sunshine said...

The April Cruise!!!

katie said...
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McCall said...

those look cute on you! That sounded like it was quit the thing seeing a bug!!! oh boy!!!!