Saturday, August 18, 2007

Nothing Much

So my mom and Chase are gone at Disneyland and the kids are here with dad. It's been pretty fun lately! We go out to eat and watch movies and swim and it's really fun! Last night Brynn got sick and starting puking all over the place! Hope she feels better today! Today we are cleaning up and waiting for mom and Chase to get home tomorrow! See ya all later!


Candace said...

excuse me ally but how does someone who is not even engaged get to be Aunt Andrea and I am just Candace? huh? huh? You are pickin a fight aren't ya ;) you have a lot of cute photos P.S. You are so beautiful

Shannon said...

Too Fun! We watched HSM 2 last night after our date, and i actually really liked it!
Love ya tons!!

Heather said...

Sorry to hear about Brynn. That's not fun! We had that in our family a few weeks ago.
I need you to tend! More than once I've wished you were right down the road again.