Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I have no idea why but my computer won't let me make a title and it's really bugging me! So yesterday we went to Lagoon it was fun but it wasn't Disneyland. My favorite ride was wicked! It went really fast and high and i just loved it! My other favorite ride was rattlesnake rapids! It's a water ride where you get totally drenched. I loved it! I got soaked! The best part about the whole day was going on all the rides without Brynn and Sophie. But i was happy to see them later in the day! Today is a day full of Packing! Yee Haw. I'm not to thrilled about that. But it doen't matter cause i gotta do it anyway! We move in 9 days! So this is basically my last week here! Well i gotta go clean my zones! See Ya Later!

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Todd Taylor said...

Thanks for your packing assistance. The fun has just begun. Wait til you hit 114* in the shade, unloading boxes and moving stuff around.