Saturday, July 28, 2007

House Pics

Hope ya like the pics even though they're the same as my moms


katie said...

ally taylor i miss you so bad! church and stuff just isnt the same.
you need to call me! i luv you!
luv, katie

katie said...

soooooooo sorry i havnt been blogging! me mum and daddy are gone and they locked up my computer! so i'm commenting to you at my cousins house! i'm sooooooo sorry that i left you to die. i promise i will blog every day when my parents get back! 3 more days left! YAH! luv you!

Shannon said...

Looks like fun living on the Ranch! haha
Do you own a Camera? That might be a great idea for your Birthday!!

Ally said...

I do but the pics aren't very clear.
Katie i was just jokin your good! Just be sure when your mum and dad get home you blog! Love ya guys!

katie said...

nice sweedish fish pool ally!