Sunday, July 1, 2007


Shelbie Shill me Katie Parker

Quinci Whatcott and me

Demi Robinson and me

Shanae Creer and me
Hello everyone!
I am finally back! Camp was fun but it's good to be home.(Camp was at Aspen Lakes in Heber) The first day at camp we set up all the tents and got our tent assignments. I was happy with the tent group i got. The remainder of the day we had a devotional and just hung out around camp. The next day was really fun. I was the first person to go off the zip line into the freezing cold lake. I feel very accomplished. Then we had another devotional and hung out some more. Then the last day was the best. I woke up had breakfast then went on a five mile hike. After the hike, i was the first person to go off the zip line without sitting in the little chair. It was soooooooo much fun!!!! Then after dinner we did skits and had testimony meeting. That was my favorite part of the whole week. Except it wasn't really testimonies it was like goodbye speeches for me and my friend Baylee. I bawled for 2 hours straight. Then it was time to leave. On the way home we stopped at Dairy Keen for a shake. It was really good! It's amazing to see how much you really miss your bed and shower. Yesterday was our ward party. Our family was chosen to do Fear Factor. So my dad had all this shaving cream on his face and we had to see how many cheetos we could throw at his face to make them stick. So we're up there throwing cheetos and i pee my pants. Not bad but i did it. So i disappeared from the rest of the competition. It was great. Now i have to go get ready for church. See ya all later!

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