Thursday, June 14, 2007


me trying on clothes while shopping

Hey guys
Didn't you all love my sweet pictures? That top one is my absolute favorite! I am so grateful that i don't look like that. That would be a little weird. My summer had been way fun so far. I have had a few sleep-overs, been swimming a lot, out to eat a lot, went shopping a lot, been to San Diego and just had fun hanging out with my friends and family. Today we had some more people look at the house. It's a pain in the butt when people come cause we have to clean the whole stinkin house and leave it. It's not so fun. Monday is the big day! I get my braces off! YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!! I'm so excited! I got them on November 1, 2005. It's been a while! Well have an awesome week everyone! Lizzie get blogging!


Todd Taylor said...

I love the goiter look on you Ally. If you stop eating iodine and salt you may grow one when you get old. Maybe one that has hair growing out of it and is filled with oatmeal. (someone told me once that Goiter's are full of oatmeal).

As for the braces, could you just keep them on until you are 21? I would also like to buy you headgear to go with them that you would where throughout the rest of Jr. high and High school. We'll have Dr. Carter fit you for it on Monday. Yeah!

bj said...

i've had fun too!

Lizzie said...

I'll get right on that Ally!

Ally said...

Hurry up stinker!