Saturday, May 5, 2007

My First Post Ever

Today is the first day of my first official blog. I'm so excited to start posting! This is good for me because i'm not the best at writing in my journal so this will be good for me. Notice my title. Nacho, Napoleon, and a little bit of Ally. So when you see little quotes just know that it's totally normal. Today has been crappy weather. I'm not very fond of it. I had a piano recital today. I messed up a few times but oh well. Brooke did great. After the recital we went to Jason's Deli. I had a pizza of course. Then we went shopping. I got 2 shirts and a new dress (thanks mom) plus some good smelling lotion from bath and body works. I just got finished eating some chicken alfredo pizza from Papa Johns that was quite good. I'm off to watch the Jazz game.


JT said...

Good job, Ally, I'll help with the banner, I just need some glamour shots by deb to compete it. love, me

Ally said...

I already get my hait cut at the cuttin corral, but thanks for the offer.

bj said...

You're doing great on blogging! i love your pics and funny jokes.luv ya!